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Bees generally forage within a 3 mile radius of their hive.  As Camas is about 6 miles across, That means that our hives, which are placed all over Camas, WA are foraging across our entire town.  Camas HoneyBee Co. Honey is as Camas-local as it can be!  The honeybees that you see on your Camas yard flowers are collecting this incredible honey.  


Our summer honey is captured May through July and is largely composed of blackberry nectar.  This is our signature honey and is largely praised around the area as the "best honey I've ever tasted." 

Depending on the PNW Spring weather we may have a small harvest of Spring honey available at the end of early May.  This is almost entirely composed of maple tree nectar and feels sweeter and lighter than our Summer honey.  


After the bees do magic to turn the nectar into honey, we leave them enough for the winter and collect some for you.  Once all our honey stock is gone for the year, it is just...gone.  It goes fast.  So, if it isn't available on the site right now, it will be delivered to you when more is extracted.  We do take reservation orders.  Order now to secure the Camas HoneyBee Co honey that you need for the year!

And don't forget the health benefits of eating local honey! 

  • Helps with seasonal allergies - our honey is strained, but not filtered (or heated!).  This means that it is full of pollen from Camas that triggers your seasonal allergies.  By eating this honey, you give your body a managable dose of allerges to prepare it for the airborne stuff!  

  • It is a great source of antioxidants

  • It is PURE, REAL honey!  This may sound obvious, but honey sold in most grocery stores as "honey" has been shown time and time again to be adultrated and blended from locations around the globe.  We are proud that our honey is from here, and only here.  

  • It is the taste of Camas!

  • It has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral properties that are commonly negated when honey is heated and filtered (like most store-bought honey).

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