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Kid Beekeeper
Backyard Beekeeping
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Chris Savage, the owner and beekeeper of Camas HoneyBee Company, is a long-time animal lover with a BS in Wildlife Biology from George Fox University.  After a stent in research, he found his way into teaching high school and college level biology in Oregon.  Years later, he went down the healthcare route and is now an Emergency RN at OHSU.  His passion for pollinators and honeybee management developed over several years along with his interest in gardening.  He used his knowledge of biology and background in teaching to form Camas HoneyBee Company and begin Hive Hosting.  You can be sure that a hosted hive will come with a deep knowledge of honeybee management and plenty of education for you and your neighborhood.  

At George Fox University, Chris and Jenn began their life together.  Jenn has a degree in elementary education and spends her time managing the family, Camas HoneyBee Company, and operations at Edge Networks in Vancouver, WA. 

They created Camas HoneyBee Company to spread an enjoyment of life and a connection to nature with the Camas community.  

In partnering with Camas HoneyBee Co. you will be a part of the beekeeping community and dig deeper into Camas! 

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